John 11 – Life and Death

He waited four days.

Four days.

Why? Lazarus was his friend. Hadn’t they sent word? Didn’t He care? If He’d only shown up a few days earlier. He had healed everything from blindness to lameness. No sickness was beyond His power, was it? Surely not.

And yet, He waited.

As Lazarus got sicker, even His closest followers wondered when Jesus would make His way to Lazarus’ home. They were relieved when he said Lazarus had fallen asleep, then bewildered when Jesus explained Lazarus was truly dead.

None of this made any sense, as far as they were concerned.

It made sense to Jesus, though. He knew what they didn’t.

They did not realize this most astonishing of all the truths Jesus came to prove: death held no power over Him. The Lord Jesus Christ was, and is, God in the flesh. He would prove it again at His own resurrection, but for now, raising Lazarus would have to be enough.

He explained all this when He prayed in front of the tomb. His prayer wasn’t for His benefit or even Lazarus’. No, Jesus knew what was going to happen long before it did. He told them, “We must go and wake Him up.” His prayer and His words to the mourners were for their benefit. He allowed them a small time of mourning and sadness so those who saw what He was about to do would be faced with one of two outcomes: they could choose to celebrate and marvel at His triumph over death, or stubbornly deny what everyone was about to see.

He offered that proof for our benefit, too. Christ was showing us He holds the power of life and death in His hands, and we don’t need to fear anything, anymore.

Is anything you’re facing too big for Christ?

Certainly not! If He can raise the dead, we can be sure He can handle whatever we’re facing.

If He wasn’t too late for Lazarus, why would we entertain the thought that He’s too late to help us? Of course, doubts may come to any of us in our darkest moments; but what Christ did for Lazarus serves as a beacon to banish those dark thoughts and disperse the fog of doubt.

Just as He called the dead man from the grave, He can call you out from your troubles. The voice that calmed the stormy seas and summoned the dead still speaks, today.

No problem is too big, no cause is too lost — not even yours.

Take heart, dear one – He cares for you.


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